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be the change you wish to see in this world

And hence it starts …

Posted by k.r.a.k.t.i.k on February 17, 2006

Be the change – three words, but then again – three words that we hope will change us, our world, everything and everyone around us for the better. Taken from Mahatma Gandhi’s “be the change you wish to see in this world“, it could hardly be more succint – take the lead, take charge, and change things as you envision them.

At the outset, it is apt to mention that this idea was born out of a post on Sudhish Kamath’s blog Whyte Space – not that the ideal behind it is new in itself – but the realization that we have it in us to make a difference even with this small effort, amongst the sizeable blogging population, is overwhelming. This takes on special significance in the context that a majority of today’s bloggers are the young go-getters whose world this will be tomorrow.

An excerpt:

Riding home at around 10 last night, I saw people jumping traffic signals. A classic case of what my friend said earlier in the day. I usually stop at the traffic signal no matter how late it is in the night… Of course, only till I see the speeding lorry behind me and get moving to make sure I dont get killed. Sometimes, I move over to the side of the road to wait at the signal.

Last night, I was probably so angry with everything that I decided not to budge. I stopped right in the centre of the road at the traffic signal. Soon enough a whole bunch of vehicles whizzed past. As I stood my ground watching out through the rear view mirror, I saw a huge lorry coming at 80 or 90 straight at me… “Kill me, you bastard,” I said, refusing to move. And it missed me by a whisker… I just felt a little more angry when that happened.

But soon, there was this share auto that screeched to a halt right next to me. “Idiots they are. Only you and me know the rules,” he said in Tamil, sounding a little drunk. I couldn’t help smiling. And before we knew it, there were more to follow the rules. Bikes, cars and even a lorry behind us. I was sooo kicked. That’s when I decided I had to blog about this. It’s simple things like this that we can do to be the change.

The rest of this post can be found here: “Be the Change

We hope this will be but another step in the emergence of us, the youth, in the forefront of change and progress – and need all the support that we can receive. To leave on a line from Rang De Basanti –

 “Ab Bhi Jiska Khoon Na Khaula, Voh Khoon Nahin Voh Paani Hai,
Jo Des Ke Kaam Na Aaye, Voh Bekaar Jawaani Hai

(That which does not boil now, that blood is but a pitiful sham,
That which does not serve one’s nation, that is indeed a wasteful youth.

Be the change.


6 Responses to “And hence it starts …”

  1. Hiren said

    Rang De Basanti was a very good movie with an interesting format. However the end was both unfeasible and impractical. Politicians are manifestations and not the basic cause of corruption. The deep rooted cause is something else. Long term sustainable solutions do not come by isolted and symbolic acts like the murder shown in the end. There are even better movies like “Prahaar” and “Ardh Satya” which came and went but did anything change? They too were good symbols of the time.

  2. Hiren,
    I agree with you. Murder and acts of such kind, will not bring about any constructive change. We don’t preach RDB here. We only bring in a few points which is very inspiring and also thought provoking in the movie, that triggered us to take this initiative. RDB just has this upbeat of national awakening that we are trying to spread across.

    One of the goals of this blog is to find the “long term sustainable solutions” that you mentioned. For which we require all your help and more importantly your views over such matter. Feel free to email us. Thank you.

  3. Hiren,

    Definitely, murder is not an answer to anything, as Gandhi so successfully showed during his lifetime. The main goal should be to be the change, and to effect that in a way that we carry all of humanity with us.

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