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Society has to change. The change must come from people, not just governments

Posted by bethechange on February 20, 2006

actionMost of us feel strong about a particular issue, or are affected by it. This is usually the reason why people want to take action.  So you may not need help finding a motive or a cause for change.

If we are posting all these comments, then it means that we have been privileged with education. If we have been privileged with education then WE need to think of solutions and give back to society the gift we have been given. …

It doesn’t matter what you watch it’s how you respond to it. You might think that you’re strong enough to not follow what they do even if you were grown with the right mind set but people can change to bad in a second just like 40 years of marriage can go down the drain. Its easy to turn bad than to turn good, its easy to start smoking than to stop, and it easier to drop garbage on the floor than to walk around and find a trash bin. Just because its easier people will do it.

…My concern is: why isn’t the media paying attention to those people who do good? More emphasis is put on those who commit crimes, and indulge themselves in the negative side of community… The media is such a strong tool, but whether its used to its fullest to get maximum positive results or negative results is the question.

Help others in your community: A very good starting-point for individual action is simply to help out where you can in your family and community. As an individual you could also plan your own project or campaign. Or you could concentrate on spreading the word by talking to young people and other members of the community, or using any of the approaches to raising awareness and making your views known through simple forms of communication. Passing on important information is one of the most effective forms of action.

Be a role model: Large-scale change involves individuals changing the way they behave. So making sure your own behaviour is in line with your aims and beliefs is a good starting-point. If you show the strength of your beliefs in the way you live, you can become a role-model: your commitment and confidence will influence and inspire others.


2 Responses to “Society has to change. The change must come from people, not just governments”

  1. Hiren said

    I entierly agree about the media bit and their tendency of wrong focus.

    As far as community service and role model is concerned, I feel that one should take a step only when one feels sufficiently strongly from the depths of the heart about something. Otherwise, while implementing, it may peter off like schoolboy enthusiasm. In today’s world, time and other resources have also to be considered.

  2. Hiren, that’s exactly why we recommend people to change themselves. It takes a great deal to lead a group of people. But its relatively easy (and comparatively less challenging) to make sure your behavior is in line. And in the process you might actually inspire a few to follow the example set by you.

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