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Courage at 19 … and 26

Posted by k.r.a.k.t.i.k on February 27, 2006

This open letter posted on this blog caught my attention. Perhaps one good way to bring to notice something that has been in the news this past week.

The Jessica Lal murder case has come up now because of the acquittal of all the accused, including the prime accused Manu Sharma, due to a lack of evidence and witnesses.

What does it say about our society when a young person who was willing to stand up and bear testimony to a crime 7 years ago, talks about “moving on” with his life while refuting all previous testimonies? What kind of pressures are exerted on those trying to speak the truth? Why did it take 7 years at all for this to come to a head?

This isn’t meant to berate Shayan Munshi – neither the 19 year old witness, nor the Jhankaar Beats actor, nor the witness-turned-hostile; what were the pressures or enticements that forced him to change his testimony?

Unless we all recognise them, there will be more Jessica Lals – and that’s not a question of if, but when.


3 Responses to “Courage at 19 … and 26”

  1. Velocity said

    It’s a pity, all that is happening with the case. Though many are shouting hoarse as to how openly unfair it has turned out to be, I guess when the whole thing reduces to choosing between justice and your life, many would opt to save their own skins…

  2. Actually, to be quite, quite honest, who wouldn’t choose their own skin? Especially when the reasoning given is – its long gone and done – why ruin your life for it now?

    I think the greater issue brought into question here is how we need to change our mindset to offer more protection to witnesses who do actually come forward, and how we must put a stop to harassment and intimidation of witnesses/whistleblowers.

    Until that is done, there might be the odd case, but it will be more the exception than the rule.

  3. aadya said

    Unfortunately, In Shayam case, it doesnt even seem to be a case of life and death…watching him talking about the case was appaling. in his words ” My peace of my mind is more important”
    ( than someone else life obviously) I put this shit behind behind me or of that effect.. I really wonder how brutal and ruthless can people be…here is a family who are running from pillar to post and here is a guy who casually says…” this whole shit” May your soul never find peace SHAYAM! thats a prayer i will hold for you..promise!

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