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One Change I would like to see…

Posted by bethechange on March 6, 2006

“Is the pace at which we are progressing enough to achieve Mission 2020? If ‘NO’ what is the one change that you wish to see/do t improve the rate at which we are progressing?”

“I don’t think we have yet attained that level of growth or development in India that we all should truly wish for, and that will only be attained the day we make the dream of a developed India true for everyone, rural or urban, and eradicate the various inequalities and injustices that plague our country. it will come the day we step out of our cynicism about the “system” per se and become participants in changing it – heck, on a personal note it will come on the day I see a 90% election voter turnout” — T. Kartik

“No, but it could be right to say that we are headed in the right direction. The one thing that needs to be changed is for us to become proactive and not participate in the ‘Blame Game’. Just keep in mind that when you point one finger at the others there are three pointing at you. Set an example and then others will surely follow, because inherently everyone likes an orderly harmonious world.” — Brijraj Desai

“Age limit in politics. We have retirements in jobs after a certain age limit, because our body and mind doesn’t support development. But in Tamil Nadu we have 82 year old Karunanidhi contesting for CM post. Instead a youth like Dhayanidhi (33 years old, telecommunication minister) can (only) do wonders. In the last Lok Sabha elections at Andhra a 95+ year person won and died in next few months forcing another election. Why did he have to contest in the first place?” – Jaya Prasad

“Question! It is our duty to keep a check on the government and question their wrong activities. Before doing anything or committing ourselves to anything we must question ourselves.” – Ganesh APP

“Instead of blaming the Govt. people must do their duties without a hitch. They must pay their taxes on time and in the full.” – Nitin

“A better networking of the country. Better roads all over the country, connecting every rural place, is a must for any form of development that we desire to see.” – Nivedita

“I want every child to attend school. Though the Literacy rate has gone up, it is still a very sloppy curve. We must work on educating the rural sector.” – Kausik

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7 Responses to “One Change I would like to see…”

  1. Prathiba said

    Well… the big change is, we have started thinking about this thanks to this blog.

    Kick Multi-Political parties system!

  2. Atleast lower the rate of Brain Drain. We are losing out on the best brains for other countries development.

  3. Ashwin said

    Hello BeTheChange team,
    You guys are doing a great job. I am from NIT Nagpur and I personally feel the only way we can achieve M2020 is by coming up with original ideas. To stand up to other developed nations we have to invent/discover things. The nuclear research is a good step forward. We must also start manufacturing our own defence equipments and planes instead of buying them.

  4. Raju said

    Hey team,

    Did you define what is a developed India?
    Better roads or nuclear power or anything else can than be discussed if we define and understand what is development.

  5. Well Raju, currently let us leave developed out of the question. And let us talk about progress. Yes! Progress in any field will eventually lead to development in a very broad sense.

    As for developed, I would say when all those above suggestions are matched, our country can be termed developed. Our literacy, per-capita income etc. have a long way to go. The day when we can sustain ourselves; the day when we can start paying back our debts at the world bank; the day we are one of the veto powers – may actually be the day that we can be termed developed.

    But right now we must also concentrate on improving our community and society along with progress in education, politics and economy. Something we forget in all this is the environment. We talk about the economy booming and forget how much harm we are causing our surroundings for the short-term benefits. We are developed only when we can match up with those above suggestions and also at the same time keep our environment green and clean.

  6. Raju said

    Fair enough. But somehow per-capita income and literacy dont provide enough for the “Health is wealth” policy. Instead we are looking at it as “Wealth is health”. And that is what I beg to differ with. Healthcare is also an important aspect which is overlooked. Of course another important one, and rightly as you pointed out is environment.

  7. How can I get an RSS feed on this blog? I am new to this and really like the content being discussed here

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