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14th April – Dr. Ambedkar’s birthday

Posted by bethechange on April 14, 2006

ambedkarBhimrao Ambedkar (1891-1956)
Founding Father, modern India
M.A. 1915, Ph.D. 1928
LL.D. 1952 (hon.)

Ambedkar was a leader in the struggle for Indian independence, the architect of the new nation's constitution, and the champion of civil rights for the (then) 60 million members of the "untouchable" caste, to which he belonged. He spoke and wrote ceaselessly on behalf of "untouchables," but his passion for justice was broad: in 1950 he resigned from his position as the country's first minister of law when Nehru's cabinet refused to pass the Women's Rights Bill. Ambedkar was committed to maintaining his independence, and many of the positions he staked out in a long and complex relationship with Gandhi – on the future of Hinduism, for example – remain central to debate within Indian society.

Ambedkar received a scholarship to Columbia University from the Maharajah of Baroda, who would deal with him only through an intermediary. He earned an M.A. in 1915 and then a doctorate at the London School of Economics, returning to Columbia University for a Ph.D. that he received in 1928. In 1952 Columbia presented him with an honorary doctorate for his service as "a great social reformer and a valiant upholder of human rights." In 1995, a bronze bust of Ambedkar was donated to Lehman Library by the Federation of Ambedkarite and Buddhist Organizations of the United Kingdom.

At Columbia University, Ambedkar studied under John Dewey, who inspired many of his ideas about equality and social justice. Ambedkar later recounted that at Columbia he experienced social equality for the first time. "The best friends I have had in my life," he told the New York Times in 1930, "were some of my classmates at Columbia and my great professors, John Dewey, James Shotwell, Edwin Seligman, and James Harvey Robinson."

"My final words of advice to you is – Educate, Agitate, Organise – have faith in yourself. With justice on our side, I do not see how we can lose our battle. The battle to me is a matter of joy. The battle is in the fullest sense spiritual. There is nothing material or social in it. For ours is a battle not for wealth or for power. It is a battle for freedom. It is a battle for the reclamation of the human personality." –Dr.B.R.Ambedkar.


41 Responses to “14th April – Dr. Ambedkar’s birthday”

  1. kausikram said

    i once read a book writen by arun shoueri, it was called “worshiping false gods” , it is a must read

  2. Thank you Kausik for refering me to that good book.

  3. kausikram said you will find a review of the book over here.

  4. sudhir rangari said

    its a very knwoledged article from which i got inspiration to me

  5. gaurav garwa said

    arun shorie is a manuwadi and is totally against dalit upliftment…… he talks shit all the time. once het told that baba saheb did not make the constitution…….and the people who appericiate this arun all are manuwadi.

  6. Rajesh said

    Jai bhim friends,
    Babasaheb writings and speeches are very nice and contains a lot of knowledge.So please read his books and ideas.i like Babasahebs writing on Anihilation of that he explained very clearly the purpose of Religious Reformation in Todays Society.

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  8. viva said

  9. SUDHIR NAG said


  10. NEWS

    Celebrating 14th April ‘Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti’ is to uphold Human Dignity and establish a Humanitarian Civilization based on Dhamma i.e. Equality-Liberty-Fraternity-Justice.

    Humanity Cutting across the World is certain to be Benefited by Ambedkarism – The New Ideology of Humanism.

    Dear FellowMen,

    JaiBhim ! Wish You A Happy, Prosperious & Purposeful Life !!

    Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, M.A., Ph.D. (Columbia); D.Sc. (London), Bar-at-Law (London); D.Litt. (Osmania), LL.D. (Columbia). ‘Our Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’; the Father of Indian Constitution. The ‘Liberator’ of Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj & Women. The harbinger of Human Rights. The ‘Dhamma Chakra Pravartak’ of a Religion for Man (Gender neutral); The KalpaPravartak as the epitome of civilizational change and of the creator of a Humane civilization has today became an epithet and embodiment of a Mission. The Mission for the establishment of Humanism in all walks of life; Social, Constitutional, Educational, Cultural, Religious, Economical, Political, Science etc. The Principles of this ‘New Ideology of Humanism’ are based on Equality-Liberty-Fraternity-Justice.

    The Life and Mission of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar from 1916 to 1956 has achieved the Greatest Historical Success against the Brahmanical Social Order (BSO) as sanctioned by the A-dharmashastras. The dharmashastras were the customary and penal laws of injustice and inequality, which gave privileges to the brahmins and insult and duties to the Shudras and Antajayas. They derecognised the Mlecchas completely. The humanitarian struggle of Dr. Ambedkar achieved, Constitution. It has now debased this vedic-brahmanic unit of varna and caste and made ‘Man’ as the ‘Unit’ of Constitution in India. It also ensured Fundamental Right (FR) of Reservation to the OBC/SC/ST, those who are erstwhile Shudra/Antajayas/Mleccha respectively. It outlawed all the laws of injustice and inequality of the A-dharma shastras and other laws made by the Britishers, by Art. 13. It ‘liberated’

    the Women by providing her recognition of citizenship and rights of Equality and Opportunity. Similarly, she was given right to vote to decide the terms of the life of society. He was the first in India to speak of this in 1928, way ahead of other countries in Europe and America. The Hindu Code Bill as drafted by Dr. Ambedkar and enacted in piecemeal is bringing a defacto equality between men and women in society. The Tribals in addition to the Reservations have ben ensured the right of self rule under Schedule V & VI. The Religious Minorities got the FRs of freedom of conscience and religion and to administer their own religious and educational affairs under Art. 25-30. This concept of Equality however does not positively discriminate against the other communities but only retribute justice to the insulted and oppressed once. More significantly it aims for a Social Order in which justice; social, economic and political shall inform all institutions of National Life.

    Moreover, India as a Country is being strengthened by the centralisation of Constitution with due autonomy under Federalism. She is gradually marching on path of progress due to this. Nay, it will become a Nation by all these.

    This ‘Historical Humanitarian Revolution’ in the Indian social system as executed by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar by debasing the vedic-brahmanic foundation was taken further ahead by him for reconstruction of an ‘Ideal Society’ by embracing ‘Buddha Dhamma’. His conversion to Buddhism also revived after 2500 yrs. a Religion for Man, with Man & Morality (Gender neutral) as its Centre and Welfare of Humankind as end. This Dhamma is now encompassing in its ambit over a crore people (10 million) with 150 communities from amongst the Dalits, Tribals, Denotified, Nomadic Tribes and Backward Classes. They are rejecting the varna/caste and its (ir) religious sanction by Hinduism and embracing the Humanitarian Dhamma of Buddha. The Movement of Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj and Women as inspired by Ambedkarism is a Living Movement. Ambedkarism is a Living Ideology. It can be understood as “Ambedkarism is a Movement of Liberation of Man in this life, suffering in the insulted, inhumane, irrational, unscientific, unjust and unequal social order; to establish right relationship between Man and Man (Gender neutral) in an Ideal Society of Justice – Liberty – Equality – Fraternity based on the New Revolutionary Ideology of Humanism (Manuski – Manavtawad).”

    Ambedkarism aims at :

    1) Establishing the Kingdom of Righteousness on earth, that is nothing but permanent Goodness. Such a reconstruction of Society is based on Dhamma.

    2) Casteless and Classless society based on Equality – Liberty – Fraternity and Justice in all walks of life.

    3) Achieving equality not merely between Man and Man but also between Man and Woman.

    4) Annihilation of Brahminism not only as a philosophy but also as a social order.

    5) Constitutional Democracy, Social and Economic Democracy forming the base of Political Democracy

    6) Man as the unit of Constitution.

    7) Achieving the soul of Democracy – 1 man 1 value by Constitutional Law.

    8) Economic Equity not only amongst individual but between group of people i.e. classes by Constitutional law.

    9) Guaranteeing safeguards of reservation, Self-Rule to the disadvantaged by constitutional remedy.

    10) A Scientific, rational and humane culture of society – i.e. a New outlook towards men and things.

    11) Becoming a Governing Class for Humanism.

    12) Liberating the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj and Women from the tharldom of BSO (Brahmanical Social order) and making them the masters of their own destiny.

    13) The reconstruction of National Societies and International order on rational, Scientific, equitable and egalitarian basis.

    Now, not only India but the World is also gradually coming to terms to what Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar said. The Human Rights and Covenants like Covenant for Social, Economic & Cultural Rights, UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous People, International Convention for Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, all speak of social, economic rights and safeguards to the communities. This is what Dr. Ambedkar opined before the Simon Commission (1928) and in his States and Minorities (1947). The Constitution of South Africa and Malaysia seem to be more influenced by the Constitutional Philosophy of Rights and Safeguards of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. Ten point Ambedkar Principles have now been adopted in U.K. by the Trade and Commerce Ministry to deal under a policy for the Dalits, Tribals and other lower castes. His Ideology and views on various problems of Humanity are being studied in various universities of South Africa, Russia, USA, Canada, England, Germany, Japan, Australia etc. Even the movements against racial discrimination, ethnic and gender discrimination are trying to understand Ambedkrism, so are the movements against economic exploitation. His thinking to decide the economic structure of society by Constitutional Law to avoid dictorship of communism within the ambit of Parliamentary Democracy is the first and foremost vision to tackle the problem of unbriddled privatisation. This is the real solution to economic globalisation. Thus Ambedkarism is a living Ideology and an ideology for liberation of various insulted and exploited people of World. As so, the humanity affected by racial, ethnic, economic, gender and other discriminations can take path and vision from it. Not only so but it also has the alternative vision of reconstruction of World Social and Economic Order based on Equality-Liberty-Fraternity-Justice i.e. Dhamma. All these are the dawn of a new ‘Humanitarian Civilization’ based on humane principles, values and practices.

    For without Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar we could not have seen all these. Whatever freedom and change we are experiencing in our lives, it is only due to the relentless struggle he did all through his life. That too from dusk to dawn. By a man born in the most despised untouchable community of India, he achieved the highest not only in person but what Humanity can achieve as a whole. It is but natural that he is adored as the ‘Liberator’ of insulted and oppressed humanity; the Dalit, Tribals, Backward Classes and Women who were denied Dignity and Rights for 6000 yrs. (barring the period of Buddha and Buddhists kings). Whose very human existence was debased under the system of varna, caste and untouchability. These Backward Classes commonly know as Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj therefore celebrate ‘”Ambedkar Jayanti” like the greatest festival of Life. No other leader or historical personality of India is held in such a high esteem by the people; neither Gandhi nor Nehru. Nay, even the dummy gods. Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated in the Slums, Villages, Colonies, Cities to the Parliament. Voluntarily, Self-inspired, Self-funded by the people themselves.

    Now, ‘Ambedkar Jayanti’ is also becoming a ‘Global Affair’ with celebrations being organised at places like London, New York, Toranto, Tokyo, Dubai, Karachi and a number of other places in Europe, America and Asia. Humanity cutting across the borders is certain to be benefited by Ambedkarism. It is therefore encouraging to see that people across the world are accepting the thoughts of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. This is an enlivening experience, which will have unforeseen developments and must be taken note of by those who want to make the Life & Mission of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar a Mission to emancipate humanity. All India Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj Central Sangh [ AIMBSCS] which is a Central Organisation born under the ‘National Plan To Succeed In Ambedkarism’ thinks this of utmost significance.

    With the above will and wish I put an end to this message with

    – Message to FellowMen (gender neutral) from

    Vijay Mankar, National Organiser, AIMBSCS

    on the eve of ‘Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti – 14th April 2008’,the 117th Birthday Celebrations of
    MahaManav Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.

    Please Visit , for more Articals, Pictures, Video and News

  11. Neelam Mahay (uk) said

    Jai Bhim my fellow brothers and sisters,

    I would like to show my appreciation to you all who celebrate the life of Dr Bheem Rao Ambedkar and I hope his mission lives on, this is down to us. Happy 118th Birthday to Dr Ambedkar.

    Jai Bhim Jai Bharat

    “Knowledge is a weapon and I attend to be fully armed”

    We must educated ourselves, in order to educate our children, lets keep the root growing.

    Neelam Mahay

  12. well.. it’s like I thought!

  13. в конце концов: благодарю.

  14. Moti Singh said

    Reply to Mr.Kausikarm,

    Can you tell me who is Mr.Arun Shoueri? He is RSS man whose mother & father teach him before his birth hatred politics of manuvadi caste system of hindu.All this non sense, you can read in his book. You can not find any achievement of Mr.Arun Shoueri except spread caste based politics
    Mr.Arun Shoueri is fake man who was & is supporter of rich people from day one when he joined as Journalist/Editor.

    Can you tell me, how many poor people of India is still living below the line of poverty and without any education? Ans: more than 40%.
    How many articles written by Mr.Arun Shoueri for uplifting of these poor people?
    Ans: Big Zero.
    How many time Mr.Shoueri raised his voice about social injustice?
    Ans: Big Zero.
    If he is so great, let him uplift people and do something for his achievement. Let he should fight for India biased education system i.e. Poor study in local language and rich study English.

    Today, you can find Millions of follower of Dr.Ambedkar in India and aboard in most of 165 countries in world. You cannot find follower any other leader or fake editors like Mr.Shoueri.

    Jai Bhim

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  16. anonmys said

    Mr. Shoueri’s imbalanced mind is reflected by his soul as little as GANDHI. He would never dare to comment on Gandhi’s by sexual or homo-sexual personality, racist and casteist beliefs, because both
    believe in the inequality of human beings as their soul. However,it doesn’matter how much castest
    stuff Shoueri writes he would always be thousands light years away to be a match for DR. Ambedkar. He is a world reknown scholar. Mr. Shori is just a blind ant.

  17. Bhavendra Sahu said

    Shri Jairam Ramesh, Minister of State for Environment and Forests said, “We must finish de-greening before we start greening projects. The de-greening has been created by industrial construction.” Speaking on the occasion of World Forestry Day celebration here today he further said, “The pressure of our population and works done in the name of progress have damaged our forests and rivers. This is the biggest challenge we face today. We have to achieve economic growth along with conserving forests and keeping our rivers clean.’ The Minister recalled celebration of Van Mahotsav and said, “We celebrate World Forestry Day since 1971, but in our country Van Mahotsav was celebrated much before that in the month of July since 1950 all over the country which was started by then Home Minister Late Kulpati K M Munshi. Our Culture and traditions teach us to preserve our forests and natural resources. The government will succeed in this movement only with cooperation from people. Women are leading the movement of ‘Save the Forests’ and with partnership we will be able to achieve our goal. Awareness about protecting environment is tremendous today and schools, colleges, and NGOs must work together to conserve our environment

    Dr P J Dileep Kumar, Director General, Forests and Special Secretary said that forests and natural resources are important to maintain n our environment. He said that cities are repository of biodiversity and wild life. Our life depends on greenery around us. He appealed students and people to develop habit of bird watching and preserve water.

    A calendar of events for International Year of Forests, 2011 was released today. Prizes were also distributed to the winners of a painting competitions organized earlier. Students from about 30 schoo;s participated in this competition.

  18. Hvaqaljt said

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  25. Very interesting details you have remarked, thankyou for posting . “My work is a game, a very serious game.” by M. C. Escher.

  26. vishal jingar said

    he is the great man to our conutry, his contribution doesn’t require to be prove…must read

  27. drabhijit said

    Baba Shaed was a great social refomer. He sucrified himself for the weaker section of the society .

  28. Dr.C.S.Thorat said

    Change ourself.

  29. ravikumarm said

    unforgatable service to this world. The person who showed to this world the meaning of humanity.

  30. panara satish said


  31. Dipak parmar said

    BaBa is Best
    BaBa is Boss of Dalit
    BaBa is Best in the world

  32. bheema said


  33. Jai bhem.

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  35. aman rai said

    jai ho ambedkar shab ki

  36. amit rathi said

    jai bheem jai bharat. dr.ambedkar was a great man who write our country constitution and give us a better life for our future.

  37. 頼む said

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  38. Ramesh Ingle said

    80% Hindus have been given all type freedom who were slave of the system made by Brhamnism ie sc st dt nt and obc. All these Hindu have made progress in all field only because of Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar.

  39. Happy Barth day Baan saheb bhimrao ambedkar

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