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Readers’ Say

At Be the Change, we realise that if we kept posting our own articles, it would soon get rather monotonous and what’s more, it wouldn’t really be free-speech. Respecting this aspect, we’ve hit upon (what we would like to think is) a rather novel idea –

Now you can contribute to this blog too – an inspirational article, a thought-provoking link – heck even your views on why the government must avoid flip-flops on entrance exams to professional courses, or your rejoinders and rebuttals to a posted article.

Come forward and contribute your views on a larger stage, where they can be read and commented upon by hundreds if not thousands of bloggers and netizens in the space of 24 hours – and where you can truly make that difference.

Please e-mail your material to –

bethechangeteam (at) gmail (dot) com

– alongwith any supplementary thoughts and ideas to go with it, or your name / blogger handle so we can duly credit you with it.

You can also use the comments section at the bottom of each post to leave your thoughts and views on that particular post.

Remember – it is as much for you to make a change, as it is for any one of us.

Thank you,
The Be the Change Team.


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